A new micronation built by patriots, to bring back freedom.

The Arisen State is a small micronation located within the State of Texas, a sovereign state with its own Governance, Congress, Intelligence Committees and more. Join a growing nation, full of patriots and freedom lovers from around the world, to take back our freedom.

Our Holy Governance Our Congress

One nation, under God's Great Chain.

Arisen State isn't simply based around a church or global missions to make the world great again, it's also based around the Biblical prophecy of the Great Chain within Revelation 20:1. We know our existence isn't an accident and we'll never stop our fight to free the chains from people around the globe.

About Arisen State

Your voice matters.

As a nation, it's important that we hold our core values as high as the values of others, who have all gathered to fight for the freedom of every man, woman and child within this nation. It's important that we never harbor innovation or the pursuit of ones dreams and instead work together to make sure everybody has a fighting chance. A place to gather and hold hands to support each other through the worst possible times. Along with a fair and open system of citizen involvement, to create a balance around our society. Through our very decentralized nature and God-given existence, it's not possible to falter from this path, unless our society deems it appropriate. As a nation, we will always exist, under God's Great Chain and this very vision for decentralization that is so important to our survival and the future of our families, will live on forever, because the voice of humanity cares.

The Arisen Network
Arisen powers the most expansive decentralized toolset & community ever created.

In a way, the world gave us lemons and we really have produced lemonade in more ways than one. Learn more about the Arisen network and our missionaries' goal to decentralize everything

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“They can take it all but they'll never take our vision.”
- Jared Rice Sr. - Original Arise Founder

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** Joining the Arisen State and Arisen network has a one-time cost, to create your citizen username, which is yours forever. Anyone can start their own citizenship agency, as long as they have enough RSN to cover the network costs through Arisen's robotic citizenship creation service.
Change your life & join God's growing decentralized army. Become A Member Of Arisen Church Arisen church is changing everything about decentralization, enabling projects like aVote and others, to freely create missions through our missionaries and church members to improve lives around the world and bring freedom to those who truly want it for themselves. It's God's vision and we're fighting for it. Join the revolution - we'll be here tomorrow.